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A leading company

Balèaria is a Spanish shipping company, leader and specialist in the transportation of people and roll on/roll off cargo in the Spanish Mediterranean. The company operates regular services in the north and south of Spain, and at the Caribbean too.

Baleària operates routes between mainland Spain (ports of Barcelona, Valencia and Denia) and the Balearic Islands, and is the only shipping company offering inter-island connections. It operates routes with ferry or fast ferry services, depending on the distance and passenger requirements.

Likewise, Baleària is one of the main operators in the Strait of Gibraltar (the main connection between Europe and Africa) where it operates the Algeciras-Tangier (from 2003) and Algeciras-Ceuta (from 2006).

The company’s commitment to the internationalization, which began in late 2011, has been provided to operate in a line between the United States and the Bahamas, under the brand Bahamas Express.

Founded with 100% private capital, Baleària provides direct employment to some 1,000 people, disseminated between land and onboard services, with 17 ships.

The company’s main services are located in Denia (region of Valencia) although it also has a further 17 offices.

Founded in 1998, from among the main business statistics, it is worth highlighting that during the 2012 financial year the Baleària Group transported some three million passengers and 3.5 million lineal meters of roll on/roll off cargo, with sales value of 260 million Euros.

Baleària presentation

Baleària has a fleet of 17 ships
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