Baleària: 25 years linking regions and connecting people

We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of our founding as the leading Spanish maritime transport company. Our company has been growing steadily since 1998, when the chairman and sole shareholder, Adolfo Utor, spearheaded the creation of Baleària.

In just a quarter of a century, we have expanded to six countries, where we operate 25 routes with a fleet of more than 30 ships and a workforce of 1,800 people. We are a benchmark in sustainability and innovation, and we have reached milestones in national and global maritime transport, from the first high-speed vessel connecting the Balearic Islands with the Spanish mainland in 2001 to the launch of the innovative Eleanor Roosevelt fast ferry in 2021 and the first electric ferry in Spain, which will come into operation on the occasion of our anniversary.

We see ourselves as a civic-minded and responsible company, and over these 25 years, we have shown time and again our commitment to the regions in which we operate and to public service. We are known for our dynamism, and we are clear about the strategic principles that have enabled us to grow over the last 25 years: sustainability and the determination to be increasingly eco-efficient, and innovation as an essential element to remain competitive.


'A 25-year journey'
Documentary about the history of Baleària



Spot conmemorativo 25 años

Hace 25 años compartimos un sueño y juntos lo hemos hecho posible. Hemos convertido el viaje en una experiencia inolvidable y juntos seguiremos navegando más lejos.

Hitos en estos 25 años

Repasamos a través de diferentes hitos acontecidos nuestra travesía que dura ya más de un cuarto de siglo. ¿Nos acompañas?

Un mar de historias

Si hay algo que nos ha acompañado a lo largo de nuestras travesías han sido las historias personales a bordo: reencuentros familiares, viajes en familia y en pareja, nuevos comienzos personales y profesionales, transportes prioritarios de animales, nacimientos, ayuda humanitaria, repatriaciones, etc. Queremos hacer un homenaje a todos aquellos momentos que nos habéis regalado a lo largo de estos 25 años y que han dado mayor sentido de nuestra razón de ser y hacer.

Iconic vessels in our fleet

The ships that have shaped our history over the last 25 years.