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Innovation is part of Baleària's way of being. It is a key value in the DNA of this shipping company, at the service of customers, workers, the environment and society. 

The company has divided its R&D&i projects into three areas:

Commitment to a sustainable fleet
The company's competitiveness includes the use of efficient ships which make it possible to reduce the consumption of fuel, responsible for 40% of the shipping company's operating costs, and CO2 emissions in order to meet environmental commitments.

Baleària is a pioneer in Spain in the promotion of the use of liquefied natural gas in maritime transport, as it installed the first auxiliary gas engine for a passenger ferry (Clean Port project) as well as commissioning the construction of a ship to be powered by dual gas engines. 

For the sake of greater energy efficiency, Baleària is also working towards incorporating technologies which contribute to reducing consumption, including microgeneration, changing to LED, and using materials to reduce the corrosion of ship hulls.

Proposals of value for clients
The company carries out studies and practices which allow services to be improved, focusing on customers and ascertaining their needs and emotions in order to present solutions and launch them into the market. Experience mapping workshops are held in collaboration with Florida Universitaria.

Optimisation of management
Work is being carried out on projects and measures to improve the internal business processes as regards economic efficiency, increasing customer satisfaction, and the commitment of the company's human resources to increasing productivity. The finishing touches are also being put to a new comprehensive business management system in order to integrate the different functional components of the company.

A gas-fuelled 'cruise ferry'

Baleària has commissioned the shipyard LaNaval to build a ‘cruise ferry’ powered by four liquefied natural gas dual fuel engines, which is expected to start operating in 2019.

This new vessel, a 187 million euro investment, will innovate in its use of clean energy and will be one of the largest passenger ferries in the world in terms of its installations and the services provided to passengers.

This new cruise ferry embodies the five commitments that Baleària has established as its values:

To clients, who will enjoy the pleasure of travelling on a ferry with the onboard services and features characteristic of a cruise ship. In addition, they will be able to interact with this smartship using their mobile devices and transforming their journey into a unique experience.

To the environment, as it will be the first passenger ship on the Mediterranean powered by liquefied natural gas, a more sustainable fuel which reduces CO2 and NOx emissions by 40% and eliminates sulphur and particulate emissions. It will also have a photovoltaic plant providing energy for daily electric consumption.

To innovation, as it is a ferry of the future, where the latest technologies are present in all aspects, especially in the optimisation of consumption and the search for energy efficiency (ship design, trim control, lighting, cooling, paint…).

To employees, for whom a specific training programme will be created so that the ship can meet the highest quality standards and become a place where top professionals can develop their careers. 

To society, as we contribute to its wellbeing and economic development with a more competitive higher quality service that will cover the needs of clients more efficiently. They will also benefit from the cultural activities, conferences and other events programmed in the specific spaces designed in the ship (such as an auditorium with capacity for 700).

Technical details
Lenght │ 232,2 m
Beam │30,4 m
Max. speed │ 23 kn
Passengers │ 1.633 
Cargo │ 3.330 l.m.