Ferry on-board services

On-board Services

Baleària is committed to offering the very latest generation of ferries. Modernisation of the fleet took place with the launch in 2009 of the ferries+ Martín i Soler andPassió per Formentera, followed in 2010 by the ships Bahama Mama and Abel Matutes. These vessels give the line a privileged position, with the most modern fleet of ferries on the Spanish Mediterranean.

Baleària's aim is to ensure that the trip is a pleasant and novel experience, thanks to innovative ships and the highest quality of service.

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Food and drink on board

The ferries have a self-service restaurant with a range of menus: full menu, single courses, children's, vegetarian and coeliac-friendly meals. You will also find traditional dishes from the regions where the ferries operate. On the Tangier-Algeciras route certified halal produce is available.

The bars serve not only drinks but also snacks, pastries and sandwiches. Those travelling on the Posidonia are served free food, while in high season make sure not to miss the barbecues on the outdoor decks of the ferries. For those with a sweet tooth, meanwhile, some of the ships have an ice cream and chocolate parlour.

Plan ahead: You can purchase dining services in advance on the website or at the ticket office up to the time of departure of the ship, to take advantage of a 10% discount.


WIFI Service

Some of our vessels offer WIFi service. Travel from the vessel to anywhere in the world. On the other hand, we have connections on almost all routes, so that while you disconnect, you are always connected!


Film and television schedule

How would you like to see the latest film releases, your favourite series or a selection of the finest TV on the high seas?

Film: For all ages and all interests. Children's film, action, romance...Take your seats: the show is about to begin!

Canal +: Some ships hacve Canal+ TV, so you can enjoy the very best programmes just like at home.

Sport: Travelling on derby day? Don't want to miss the French Open? If you are a sports fan, just sit back and relax.


Purchases on board

During the crossing you will have time to buy your first souvenir at the store available on most ships. There you will find gift items, drinks, snacks, toiletries, toys, books... Some of them even have newspapers and gourmet produce from the Balearics.

And if you are a Club Baleària member, there is a 10% discount on all you purchases.

Outdoor area

On Baleària ferries you can enjoy the crossing on the outdoor deck. Sunbathe, sip a drink while watching the sunset, or if you are travelling on the Martín i Soler or the Bahama Mama, take a plunge in the swimming pool in the middle of the Med.


Entreolas by Baleària

The Entreolas by Baleària is also provided free of charge on all Baleària ships. It covers a range of reports on travel, outings, the natural world, sport, cultur, art, fashion, music and cuisine, as well as company news.