Baleària offers a flexible fares system, along with certain specific offers on some routes. The simplest way to find out the cost of each sailing is to perform a query using the "Online booking" section. Indicate the dates and routes for information on the various fares and applicable offers, along with the conditions for each. This will allow you to choose the option which best suits your requirements.

Main fares

Aside from offers, Baleària has three types of fare allowing you to choose the one which best suits your needs:

MINI fare Changes permitted with surcharge. No cancellations allowed.
REDUCED fare Changes permitted with no charge. No cancellations allowed.
FULL fare Changes permitted with no charge. Cancellations allowed free of charge up to 8 days before departure.


Open fare tickets

Open fare tickets are valid for one year from the date of issue. To confirm the return crossing with an Open fare ticket, contact 902 160 180 and give the booking localiser code. The chosen date will in all cases be subject to available capacity. The booking price for open fare tickets is held until 15 January. Following this date you can confirm the ticket by paying the supplement corresponding to the fare increase.


Free passage for some vehicles

Yes, you read that right: free. You can embark bicycles to all destinations, and motorcycles up to 125 cc between Ibiza and Formentera at no extra cost.


Rebates and discounts

To take advantage of the rebates you must indicate this when making the booking, and present the relevant documentation when checking in.

Rebates are applied to the fare for passengers, not vehicles.

Babies (aged under 1 year) * Free, but you must make mention of babies when making the booking, and they are not entitled to occupy a seat.
Children (from 1 to 13 years) * 50% off the adult fare.
Youth card ** 20% on a standard lounge seat.
Eurail / Interail passes ** 20% off the official fare.
REAJ** 10% off the official fare. Not combinable with other promotions for being a member of another Club
Over 60s ** 20% off a standard lounge seat.
Balearic Islands, Ceuta or Melilla residents *** 75% discount on the fare.
General large family category *** 20% discount on the fare.
Special large family category *** 50% discount on the fare.

(*) If you wish to take advantage of special fares for babies and children, Baleària may ask for an official document providing proof of the child's age (Family Book, ID card, passport...) in the event of any doubt as to the applicable age band.

(**) Cannot be combined with advance booking discounts or other offers. (The Youth Card likewise cannot be combined with the large family rebate).

>> Large Families

If you are classified as a large family in the general category, you are entitled to a 20% rebate on the standard accommodation fare, while special category large families enjoy a 50% rebate.

For more information about the Large Family rebate, click here.

>> La Caixa Pack

If you are a member of any of these La Caixa programs, you may obtain a 20% discount: Family program, ClubAhora, Club Caixa Family Senior or Imaginbank. The discount, which is applicable only for passenger fares and excludes emission fees, is valid for any of our lines (except Algeciras-Ceuta, Algeciras-Tánger Med, Melilla-Málaga, Melilla-Almería and Valencia-Mostaganem), for all accommodations.  This discount may not be combined with other discounts or promotions.   In the case of the Family program, the discount is also valid for the children of program members upon presenting ID or family register book. 

Likewise, members of the program (Famimly and ClubAhora) and their children may benefit from a 50% discount on the total reservation price by using coupons that are valid for lines between the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, when presented at the boarding office. These coupons are subject to availability and not applicable for Easter Week (April 7-23), Saint John festivities (from June 20-25 in Menorca), summer (July 15 to September 10) and Christmas (December 15 to January 15).  

This discount can only be applied through the telephone 902 160 180 or at the Baleària's office.


Balearic Islands or Ceuta resident rebate

If you are resident in the Balearic Islands or in Ceuta you are entitled to the following rebates on the standard lounge seat fare:

Mainland Spain - Balearic Islands 75% for Balearic Island residents.
Mallorca - Menorca and Mallorca - Ibiza 75% for Balearic Island residents.
Ibiza - Formentera 75% for Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza, and 89% for Formentera residents.
Mainland - Ceuta 75% for Ceuta residents
Mainland-Melilla 75% for Melilla residents

For further information about the Residents' Discount, click here.


'CPE' ticketing charges

Baleària applies the following 'CPE' ticketing charges to all its fares:

  Passengers Vehicles
Mainland 11 € 11 €
Inter-island 7 € 7 €
Ibiza - Formentera 2 € 5 €
Algeciras - Tangier 3,50 € 4 €
Algeciras - Ceuta 2,50 € 3 €
Málaga-Melillla 3,50€ 6€
Almería-Melilla 3,50€ 6€
Valencia-Mostaganem 11€ 20€
Almería-Nador 3,50€ 6€
  • These charges apply to all passengers (except babies) and ticketed vehicles. The CPE charges are the same for all ships and accommodation types, and apply equally to both return and one-way travel.
  • The CPE charges form a part of the ticket price and will be subject to the various rebates (Resident, Large Family…).
  • Baleària applies the following 'CPE' ticketing charges to all its direct sales channels (ticket booths and offices, call centre and website).
  • Travel agencies are free to apply their own ticketing charges.


Cancellation insurance

If you buy tickets at a fare which does not allow cancellations (Mini or Reduced flexible fares, and offers with a non-cancellation condition), you can arrange cancellation insurance which will entitle you to a refund of the cost of the ticket if, for the reasons of force majeure set out in the insurance conditions, you are unable to travel. Insurance also covers the return leg if you have already completed the outbound sailing and any of the circumstances covered arises. The insurance also covers your vehicle in the event of accident or breakdown.
You will need to arrange the cancellation insurance policy when you book, as it cannot be arranged once the booking has been confirmed and paid for.
The cost of the insurance is 4% of the ticket price, following application of charges and rebates. This insurance allows cancellation of the ticket, entitling you to a full refund except for the cost of the insurance.
The policy is arranged with the company Europea Seguros de Viaje, and you should contact them to claim your ticket reimbursement in the event of cancellation.