Travelling with your pets

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Animals on board

If you want to travel with your pet you will need to make a booking and obtain the corresponding boarding card to allow your pet to embark. Baleària may deny boarding to pets without reserve in case of unavailability of cages. We have 3 types of accommodation for pets, and you should indicate which you prefer when you make your booking:

-Small cage: for pets weighing less than 30 kg. (The maximum height of these cages ranges from 50 to 75 cm)*

-Large cage: for pets weighing more than 30 kg. (The maximum height of these cages ranges from 70 to 91 cm)*

-Own carrier: if you would prefer your pet to travel in your own carrier.

In all three cases the price is 10 euros per sailing (except on the Ibiza-Formentera, Algeciras-Ceuta, Algeciras-Tangier and Huelva-Canarias routes, where there is no charge and on the Almeria-Melilla and Málaga-Melilla lines which cost € 3 each way ). 

* Ask about the specific measurements of the boat you'll be travelling on by calling 902 160 180

Embarking and disembarking with pets

If travelling with your dog, for both embarkation and disembarkation you must always keep it leashed and muzzled. Other animals must be carried in a cage or carrier. Remember that passengers travelling with pets are always the last to disembark.

Documentation required for your pet

At the point of embarkation we may ask you to show your pet's valid health card. Remember that it is your responsibility to fulfil the necessary requirements in order to travel with your pet in accordance with the legislation in force regarding the possession of animals and compliance with the necessary health and safety measures for the animal's well-being.

If you are travelling on the Algeciras-Tangier route, remember that you must carry the corresponding documentation required both by the European Union and by the authorities in the Kingdom of Morocco.The responsibility for carrying the valid documentation in order lies solely with the owner of the animal. Baleària accepts no liability for non-admission by the competent authorities, and we therefore recommend that if you are travelling on this route you consult the requirements for the transportation of animals with the competent authorities.

Accommodation for pets

Pets can only travel in specially prepared cages or carriers, which are available on all Baleària ships. These cages or carriers are installed on the deck, the vehicle hold or other locations on board the ship, in properly ventilated and equipped areas, protected from the rain and cold.If you would like your pet to travel in your own carrier, you should contact a crew member when embarking, for the carrier to be stowed in the appropriate location.

For health and safety reasons pets may under no circumstances travel either inside vehicles parked in the hold or in passenger areas (seating lounges, cabins, restaurant, bar, reception, corridors…).

Pets are under no circumstances allowed out of the cage or carrier during the crossing, and so they cannot walk on the decks, even if leashed and muzzled. Pets can only travel in cages approved by Baleària or in passengers' carriers, and must in all cases be positioned in the location deemed most appropriate by the crew.

If you are travelling on board a high-speed vessel, for reasons of safety you cannot go out onto the deck during the crossing, and you will therefore not be able to visit your pet. 

If you are travelling on a ferry, you can visit your pet if the cages are located on a deck accessible to passengers, although we would remind you that you may under no circumstances take your pet out of the cages. There are set times for access to the cage area (displayed at the reception office or desk).On crossings of under 4 hours you may visit your pets on 1 occasion, while on crossings lasting more than 4 hours you may make 2 visits, accompanied in all cases by a sailing attendant or crew member.

In the case of unusual pets, you must take your own cage or carrier, which will be positioned in the same area as the other pets.

It should be noted that Baleària's rules regarding domestic animals on boats are not applicable in the case of assistance dogs accompanying persons with disabilities. Remember that you need to specify this when making the booking.

For this type of booking you should contact the freight department at the port of departure.