Travelling with your vehicle

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Your vehicle can sail too

Enjoy your trip to the full by sailing with your car, allowing you all to disembark together as soon as you arrive in port. This will give you greater independence at your destination, allowing you to get about more easily.

Book your place

Your car has its own place on board. When you book, specify the make, model, length and height. Remember that in order for access to be guaranteed, the details must be correct. If the vehicle to be embarked corresponds to a higher fare, you will need to pay the difference.

Speed up your embarkation

Remember to have your vehicle documentation and valid insurance in order to be able to enjoy your trip as soon as you arrive in port. In some cases having the technical data sheet will make it easy to perform the relevant checks.

Your car must arrive 90' early

If travelling with your vehicle you must arrive at the port 90 minutes before the ship departs at the latest, except on the Melilla-Málaga and Melilla-Almería routes, which requiere 60 arrival minutes and on the Ibiza-Formentera and Algeciras-Ceuta routes, which require 30 arrival minutes in advance. Passengers embarking without a vehicle may do so up to 60 minutes prior to departure of the ship.

For ease of boarding

When embarking only the driver of the vehicle can board with it. The other passengers can board via the passenger gangways. Once in the stowage are  of the ship, the driver and / or accompanying persons cannot remain in the vehicle during the trip, the vehicle engine must remain switched off after the embarkation and can only be switched on again after descending the ramps and as indicated by a crew member. 

Taking everything with you?

You can take a trailer, which must always be embarked with the vehicle towing it and the driver.

Greater independence on arrival

You can all disembark on board your vehicle when you arrive in port, if the crew believe this is appropriate, and get moving around your destination with greater convenience.

Bikes and electric scooters travel free

All of the company's ships have a hold, except for the Algeciras-Tangier route

If you are taking a bike or an electric scooters on board you should indicate this when booking. Electric scooters can only travel with passengers over 15 years old.

Motorcycles up to 125 cc travel free to Formentera

On the Ibiza-Formentera route motorcycles with a 125 cc or lower engine capacity travel free of charge. You must indicate that you are taking a motorbike on board when booking.

Embarking special vehicles

Vehicles more than 3 metres high must be booked via the call centre (902 160 180). We cannot otherwise guarantee that they will be embarked. In the case of commercial vehicles carrying goods inside, the booking must be made via the freight department at the regional office for the point of departure.

Formentera vehicles

The Formentera Law on Environmental Sustainability sets forth that all vehicles accessing the island between 1 July and 31 August must have the corresponding permit.  Applications for this permit must be submitted at this link:


Types of vehicle

  • Car
  • Mopeds*
  • Offroad
  • Bicycles*
  • Minivan
  • Motorbike
  • Van
  • Caravan
  • Tow

If your vehicle is not included in this table, you should ask the freight department for your port of departure.

Vans and caravans are limited to 8 m in length.

* Free travel to Formentera