Baleària Group

We are  the leading shipping line for passenger and freight transport on Balearic Islands crossings, while also linking Ceuta, Melilla and the Canaries to the Spanish mainland. At the international level we provide services in Morocco, Algeria and the Caribbean (between the United States and the Bahamas).

We are global pioneers in the use of natural gas: in 2019 Baleària was the first shipping line to use this clean source of energy on the Mediterranean and in the Canaries. We will have a gas-powered fleet numbering 9 by 2021, including newly built ships and engine replacements, an investment of 380 million euros. Our company is committed to placing technology at the service of customers on board our smart ships, as well as the use of big data to improve efficiency.

At Baleària we define our company as a responsible corporate citizen, having signed up to the UN 2030 Agenda as the guide setting the course for our operations in the fields of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

In 2019, we carried over 4,480,000 passengers, and a length of 6,110,000 metres of cargo. Our fleet of 32 ships, meanwhile, sailed more than 1.6 million nautical miles. Our company employs over 1,800 people, with a turnover of 452 million euros.



The mission of the Baleària group is to respond to society’s maritime transport needs by offering customers quality services while respecting the environment. The company also offers shareholders adequate profitability; employees are offered the possibility to develop both professionally and personally.



The vision of the Baleària group is to be a leading shipping group with continual growth global presence, and firm that is renowned for its excellent quality services, all made possible through continuous improvement, excellent management and environmental sustainability. In turn, this will lead to the creation and strengthening of links between the societies connected by the company’s maritime routes, thus contributing to their development and progress.



  • Genuine commitment to customers
  • Commitment to society
  • Innovation and continous improvement
  • Respect for the environment
  • Commitment to its employees



Adolfo Utor, President of Baleària


Adolfo Utor (Alhucemas, 1961) is the Chairman and majority shareholder in the shipping company Baleària, the creation of which he led in 1998.  He has since made it a leader in maritime passenger and cargo transport. Utor, who has always worked in the shipping sector, is also the Chairman of the Regular Lines Board for ANAVE (an association he was Chairman of from 2009 to 2015) as well as a board member of the Valencia Business Owners Association (AVE).


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Georges Bassoul

General Director


José Manuel Orengo

Secretary General


Ricardo Climent

Chief Financial Officer