Discount for Caixabank customers

If you're a Caixabank customer, you won't want to miss out on the opportunity to travel at the best price. Whether you're aFAMILY customer or part of the FAMILY SENIOR customer group, you'll be eligible to benefit from a discount of up to 50% on your ferry trip. Would you like to know more?


We have a discount for you!


For FAMILY and FAMILY SENIOR customers, Baleària and Caixabank are offering a discount of up to 50% on yourferrytrips.

  • 50% discount

All passengers who are members of theFAMILY and FAMILY SENIOR programme and their underage children and who have a card with the Caixa logo on it are eligible for a 50% discount on their trips with Baleària, applicable to both the ticket price in any accommodation and the vehicle price for reservations made in 2020.


  • 20% discount

All FAMILY and FAMILY SENIOR customers and their underage children also qualify for a 20% discount, applicable to both the passenger and vehicle ticket. In this case, FAMILYcustomers can use the discount code 488800001 for outbound reservations or the code 488800002 for round-trip reservations. FAMILY SENIOR customers must use the codes 488800009 for outbound reservations and the code488800010 for round-trip reservations.This discount applies to both fares and Baleària offers and trips.



How do I obtain the discount?

CaixbankFAMILYcustomers can take advantage of this discount through the website by applying the promotional code 488800003 to their outbound reservations or the code 488800004 to their round-trip reservations. FAMILY SENIOR customers will need to use the code488800011 for outbound reservations and the code 488800012 for their round-trip reservations. In any case, you'll need to present the required documentation in person at the Baleària ticket officesto be issued your boarding passes.


What documentation do I need to obtain boarding passes?

After purchasing your tickets with Baleària, to obtain your boarding passes you'll need to go to the Baleària ticket offices and present the following:

  • Financial card
  • ID card
  • A voucher obtained through the website or the Caixabank APP.







  • The 50% discount does not apply to issuing fees. Nor is it good for tickets that are part of another promotion or trip.
  • The discount is valid for FAMILY customers and their underage children.You must present your family book or ID card.
  • Discount valid for reservations and trips until 31 December 2020.<2>
  • Discount not valid for travel between 1 and 14 April, 12 June and 13 September, and 18 December 2020 to 7 January 2021.
  • The discount is not valid for travel on the Algeciras – Tangiers, Almería – Nador, Valencia – Mostaganem and Algeciras – Ceuta routes.
  • This discount may not be added to other discounts such as Carné Jove (Youth Card) and discounts for being over 60 years old. Discount does not apply to Club Baleària members.
  • Discount not valid for OPEN tickets<2>
  • The voucher issued by Caixabank is nominative and may not be used by any person whose name does not appear on the coupon.
  • Limited Places
  • Boarding passes will not be issued without presenting the required documentation.