Launch of the electric ferry Cap de Barbaria
28 September 2022
Astilleros Armon Vigo



This innovative ferry represents a new milestone in connections with Formentera. In addition to promoting eco-efficient and sustainable travel, it guarantees a reliable and high quality service for residents and the supply of goods to the island.


The ideal ferry for Formentera

Our newest ship will guarantee the transport of essential goods and products to the island, with a design that ensures its reliability in any conditions as well as streamlining operations and facilitating manoeuvres in port.

The ship has a large outdoor chill out area, where passengers can enjoy the beautiful views during the crossing in complete comfort. The area is equipped with designer sofas, sun loungers, canopies and a large central bar.

Esencial para Formentera

Será un barco que garantizará el transporte de mercancías y productos esenciales a Formentera, con un diseño que asegura su operatividad en cualquier condición, además de agilizar las operaciones y facilitar las maniobras en puerto.

El barco dispondrá de una gran zona chill out exterior, donde los pasajeros podrán disfrutar del entorno natural durante la travesía con gran comodidad. La zona estará equipada con sofás y hamacas de diseño, carpas y un gran bar en el centro.

Zero emissions

The Cap de Barbaria will bring a significant improvement in air quality to the ports compared with the ships currently operating on the route, as well as being the most fuel-efficient and low emission ship in the Baleària fleet. The ferry has been designed to become, in the future, a test laboratory for the use of green hydrogen.

This pilot project will allow Baleaária to learn about this decarbonised energy and how it could be used in the medium term.

Electric ferry

The Cap de Barbaria is the first electric passenger and cargo ferry in Spain with no polluting emissions during stays and approaches to port. During all phases of approach, manoeuvring, mooring and stay in port the ship will not emit pollutants into the atmosphere and so it will deliver a substantial improvement in air quality compared to ships currently operating on the route.

 Electric propulsion that guarantees zero emissions in the port area. 
 Energy storage system, with latest generation lithium batteries (12 hour duration in port). - Cold ironing shore connection socket integrated with the intelligent management system of the ship's electrical plant. 
 Automation plant integrated with the intelligent power plant management system, ensuring optimum efficiency during the voyage. 
 Electric azimuth thrusters (2 x 1150 kW) to maximise the vessel's manoeuvrability. 
 Double-ended design (bow and stern operation) optimising the efficiency of the complete operation cycle. 
 Lift between passenger and garage areas. 
 100% high-speed connectivity with WiMax technology.

An iconic natural Formentera treasure

Baleària has chosen one of the most symbolic landmarks in Formentera, the enchanting protected natural area of Cap de Barbaria, to name this innovative ferry. The impressive Cap de Barbaria cliff, over 100 metres tall and crowned by an eponymous lighthouse, is the southernmost geographical point in the Balearic Islands and the closest in Europe to Algiers..

Andrea Romero Escandell - madrina del ‘ferry’

El barco ha sido amadrinado por la joven atleta formenterense Andrea Romero Escandell, una de las grandes promesas del atletismo nacional. En sus inicios, la corredora formó parte del Grup Esportiu Espalmador de Formentera. Actualmente compite con el Juventud Atlética Elche y recientemente se ha proclamado campeona nacional en categoría sub-23 en los 5.000 metros.