Social responsibility on board


When you enjoy a coffee on board any Baleària ferry, you unwittingly help hundreds of women for whom coffee represents an opportunity to enhance their lives. This is because, for the last three years, Baleària has been buying the coffee we serve on board from a Colombian Fairtrade association.


As a result, when you buy a coffee on any of our ferries, you help to guarantee equality, improve environmental sustainability and, in particular, improve the living conditions and the future for hundreds of women.

For Baleària, equal opportunities and environmental sustainability are two fundamental values. This is why we have so far purchased more than 20,000kg of Fairtrade coffee, representing an investment of almost €600,000 that goes directly to the women in the program. Through this, we reinforce our commitment to society and play our part in the fight against inequality.

Fairtrade Coffee, for a fairer world

You can enjoy delicious 100% Arabica coffee while you’re sailing onboard our ferries. Not only is it worth highlighting the beverage’s high-quality, but also that fact that you can savour coffee grown by local communities from the southwest region of Colombia, such as the Grupo Asociativo San Isidro and the Mujeres Caficultoras del Cauca. The FAIRTRADE label on this coffee ensures that the purchase of this product betters the life of the people who cultivate it.

New Intermón Oxfam fair-trade products

We also collaborate with the NGO Intermón Oxfam, and thus use many of their Tierra Madre fair-trade products in our onboard service. They are all made from high-quality materials by producers who earn a living wage for their work. There is a wide variety of products to choose from, everything from BIO 70% dark chocolate bars to a large selection of fair-trade teas. Travel by ferry and go for Tierra Madre products: for you, it’s a simple choice; for them, it’s a better life.

Furniture made from recycled Cabreiroá plastic bottles

What if recycling plastic was as easy as repurposing it? A large part of the furniture in the onboard service area of our ferries is made in part from recycled Cabreiroá bottles. We know that every action counts. As lovers of our oceans, we believe that giving a second life to such a polluting material is a great way of being more sustainable. We bet that if we hadn’t told you, you would’ve never imagined that when you’re sitting in our cafeteria, you’re sitting on sustainable material.

It looks like plastic, but it’s PLA

And what do we do with plastic containers? Thanks to the latest research, a new biodegradable material known as PLA has been created from renewable resources like corn. Onboard, you will find a wide selection of foods and beverages in PLA packaging, which can be thrown out as organic waste. We know that plastic is a material which harms our oceans and seas, which is why we think PLA is a wonderful alternative. This choice is another way to take care of the environment so you can sail with us for many years to come, knowing that you're doing it in the best way possible. Take your PLA cup and toast with us! Here's to an eco-friendlier world!

Vegetarian and vegan options

At Baleària, we don't only work for a better world, we also work to assure maximum comfort for our guests, so they’ll want to join us onboard again. As we know diets vary greatly, we offer options for vegans, vegetarians and people with allergies and food intolerances. We even have a Veggie Combo! When you sail with us, don’t hesitate and ask us how we can accommodate your dietary needs. We want to offer you the best service and we’re always open to constructive comments. So, if you have any suggestions, please let us know!