10 secrets of Formentera

Texto: Carmelo Convalía Fotos: Sergio G. Cañizares


1. Right on the beach

Formentera’s beaches are unique in the Mediterranean. Crystalline waters, fine sand and enchanting nooks and crannies have made them a national point of reference. Get lost along 69 kilometres of coast. Of note is Ses Illetes, considered the best beach in Spain.


2. Neptune Grass

One of Formentera’s best-kept secrets are the Neptune Grass meadows covering its seabeds, which are the reason behind the transparent bathing waters. Snorkelling is an advisable activity to discover a rich and varied marine ecosystem.


3. Secret corner

The small Es Caló bay is the most similar to an old fishermen’s port, where one can enjoy the most spectacular views with the Espardell Island and Ibiza on the horizon.


4. Amongst pines

A stroll along the stony Sa Pujada pathway, improperly called Roman, joining Es Caló with La Mola, leads one to discover one of the most beautiful corners on the island. Winding amongst a pine forest, it goes through two caves that take us back to prehistoric times. The Lookout point is very nearby, with a panoramic view of the island.


5. Light at the end of the day

The Es Cap de Barbaria lighthouse, at the southern end, has become one of the island’s icons since film director Julio Medem included it in his film, 'Sex and Lucia'. This is a pilgrimage site to enjoy one of the most magical moments in the day: the sunset.  

6. The taste of the sea

Over the past years, local cuisine has reached levels of excellence. The sea’s products (all sorts of fish, lobster and rice) are star dishes, without forgetting native products such as 'peix sec' and traditional desserts. There are also two wineries that produce excellent drinks.


7. Party summer

During the summer, Formentera becomes a continual party, spattered with activities in almost all of its villages. The famous Formentera Flower (in Sant Francesc, Es Pujols and La Mola) has become an event attended by more and more people every year.


8. Hippy essence

The spirit of the 60s is kept alive in the La Mola market. Every Sunday and Wednesday afternoon, dozens of artisans spread out their stands in an environment that brings us back to hippy times, with local musicians filling up the space. There are also street stands in other towns. 


9. Music under the stars

During the summer, the island’s squares become musical stages for local and guest artists. On Saturdays, the Sant Francesc square becomes a jazz club; on Friday, rock takes over the Sant Ferran square; and Thursday, ethnic music at Es Pujols

10. Source of art

The island has been, and continues to be a source of inspiration for several generations of artists (Taulé, Hawkins, Keydar, Riera, Majoral, Echarri and many more). We recommend visiting the Sant Francesc exhibition hall.