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For Baleària it is essential to provide a bridge between the Balearic Islands and the mainland. It is currently the only shipping company that daily connects the four islands of the Balearic archipelago with the mainland, as well as having daily crossings between them. Baleària also operates the Algeciras to Ceuta and Melilla to Almería and Málaga routes in the Strait of Gibraltar. At the international level, Baleària operate the Algecrias-Tangier (Moroco), Almería- Nador (Moroco) and València-Mostaganem (Algeria).

The company’s various vessels, ferries and fast ferries, facilitate the transportation of self-propelled cargo vehicles.

In addition, through its logistics company Baleària Cargo, Baleària enables the personalisation of the transportation of goods depending on the client’s requirements.

Self-propelled cargo

We understand self-propelled cargo to mean the transportation of your own vehicle and goods. Baleària has always promoted this type of service, with the utmost certainty that the drivers themselves provide the best logistics solutions for the transportation of goods.

The company places the holds of its ferries, itineraries adapted to the requirements of the cargo and a comfortable crossing for the drivers at the disposal of its clients.

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Baleària Cargo:

Baleària Cargo is a maritime transport company specialising in offering an integral service from port to port, port to dock or from dock to port. The main destinations are the Balearic Islands, reached from the ports of Barcelona, València and Dénia.

Baleària Cargo’s structure and experience enables it to manage a fast, safe and personalised service. In addition, it has a highly qualified team to continuously attend to its clients’ various requirements as well as the transportation of the product. 

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Baleària Cargo offers various solutions for goods transport.

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