Alcúdia <> Ciutadella by fast ferry

Escape to the neighbouring island with your car for 10€ each way

ic_arrows_idayvuelta Round trip
ic_arrows_idayvuelta Condiciones de la oferta

Day trip to Mallorca from 20€ person/trip. Also, include the vehicle in your booking for 5€ per journey. Take advantage and save time on your getaway by travelling with your vehicle!

And if you want to take your pet with you, it can now travel FREE on your trip from Alcudia<> Ciutadella. There is room for everyone! 

Book now! And enjoy our fast ships that cover the route in just over an hour so you can enjoy your holiday for as long as possible.


And if you also want to discover more about Menorca and make the most of your stay there, check out the Traveller Menorca guide, which we have produced in collaboration with Condé Nast. But that's not all. We also have a guide to the best of Mallorca that you can find at this link.



At Baleària, we have been working hard recently to implement safety measures, both on board our ferries and in our terminals, to guarantee your safety so that this summer you cantravel safely.  Learn more about these measures on this page.

mailCheck out the restrictions and measures applied by the government by clicking here.