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Check-in and embarkation

What documentation do I need for embarkation?

If you are aged over 14 you must provide proof of identity by means of your Spanish ID card, passport, an ID card from your country of origin or driving licence. The document must be a valid original (if it has expired, it must be accompanied by a photocopy of a valid renewal receipt).

What documentation do I need to take to travel with a child aged under 14?

Prior to boarding, all children over the age of 14 must prove their identity by showing their officially issued ID card or Passport.  Children under the age of 14 and who are travelling within Spain must be accompanied by an adult.  Should the child be less than 5 years old, said adult must be at least 18 year of age; if said child is between 5 and 13 years of age, the accompanying adult must be at least 16 year of age and have his/her own officially issued ID.  Should the accompanying person not be the child’s parent/s or legal guardian, said child must travel with written consent from his/her parent/s or legal guardian, with the accompanying person providing a copy of his/her official ID/passport and the child’s passport.   

We meanwhile remind you that in order to take advantage of the special Baleària fares for babies and children, we may in the event of any doubt as to the child's age request an official document (Family Book, ID card, passport…) providing proof of age.

Can I check in online?

Yes, you can print off your boarding cards when you make your booking (or have them sent to an email address to be printed off later). You can print off both the outbound and return cards for all passengers and vehicles (except on the Tanger-Algeciras route). You will not be able to perform online check-in if the booking has not been paid for or if you are required to present any rebate or discount documentation at the ticket office.

My booking is subject to a residency rebate. Can I check in online?

If your booking is subject to a Balearic Islands, Ceuta or Melilla resident rebate, you can check in online provided that your details are registered in the Ministry of Infrastructure Development's computer system. You will otherwise need to go to the ticket office and show the corresponding documentation.

I have a booking with a large family / military / youth card / over 60s rebate. Can I check in online?

No, in this case you will need to go to the ticket office to show documentation confirming your entitlement to the rebate. Check the documentation you need to show in the Discounts and Rebates section.

Even if I have checked in online, will I need to pass by the ticket office in any circumstances?

Yes, in the following cases: if you have lost (or have not received at your email address) the boarding cards; if for technical or operational reasons (for example faulty or incomplete printing) the boarding card cannot be electronically validated at the entrance to the ship; or if you have changed the booking, in which case the online boarding card will be cancelled.

Can I have my boarding card sent to my mobile?

Yes, although this service is only valid for certain departures and ports, and only if you are not required to go to the ticket office to provide accreditation of any discount or rebate. To make use of this you will need a smartphone configured with an email account, as we will send you the cards containing a QR code by email.

What is the latest I can arrive for embarkation if I am travelling without a vehicle?

If you are travelling without a vehicle, the latest time is 60 minutes before the departure of the ship. In the case of the Ibiza-Formentera and Ceuta-Algeciras lines, you can arrive up to 15 minutes before departure. Please be punctual in order to ensure that you will be accepted on board.

¿What is the latest I can arrive for embarkation if I am travelling with a vehicle?

If you are travelling with a vehicle, the deadline is 90 minutes before the ship departs, except on the Ibiza-Formentera and Algeciras-Ceuta routes, where the limit is 30 minutes. Please be punctual in order to ensure that you will be accepted on board.

What happens if I arrive late for embarkation?

In this case we cannot guarantee that you or your vehicle will be able to embark. Please remember that according to our conditions of carriage, passengers who do not embark for any reason not attributable to the company will not be entitled to a refund of the ticket price.

I have lost my boarding cards before travelling. What should I do?

In the case of digital cards, you can reprint them, or otherwise you should go to the ticket office to have them reissued.

I have lost the credit card used to pay for the booking and cannot show it at the ticket office to collect my boarding cards. What should I do?

You only need to show your credit card if paying at the ticket office. If the payment was made via the website or call centre, it does not need to be shown.

Do I need to check in suitcases or hand luggage? Is there a luggage limit?

There is no need to check in either suitcases or hand luggage. If you are travelling with a vehicle, your luggage will be left in your car.If you go without a vehicle, you can carry a maximum luggage you can get on board by yourself, without help and at once. 

Once on board you may leave your belongings in the passenger lounge luggage lockers, which will be accessible throughout the crossing. We recommend that you keep your valuables with you, as Baleària can accept no responsibility for any possible theft or loss of passengers' luggage or personal effects.

If you need to travel with more than the allowed amount of baggage we offer you the possibility of doing so through the DHL website.  You must contract this service prior to your departure and directly through the website (it is not done in ticket offices or call centres).  

I am travelling without a vehicle. Is there a bus service to take me from one dock to another at the different ports?

At those destinations where any ships moor at docks some distance from the ferry terminal (Barcelona and Palma), we offer a free shuttle bus service. In Ibiza the bus service is provided by a private company not associated with Baleària.

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