Vehicles on board

If you are travelling with a vehicle, the deadline is 90 minutes before the ship departs, except on the Ibiza-Formentera and Algeciras-Ceuta routes, where the limit is 30 minutes. Please be punctual in order to ensure that you will be accepted on board.

As well as arrival 90 minutes before the ship departs, we would also remind you that, for safety reasons, only the driver can embark with the car. The other passengers must board the ship via the passenger gangways. The hold personnel will give you the required instructions to park the vehicle. You can disembark with several passengers inside the vehicle, provided that the crew does not indicate otherwise.

No. The vehicle you embark must be the one recorded on the boarding card, and must be of the dimensions indicated in the booking in order for us to be able to guarantee embarkation. If it is any larger, and would therefore be subject to a higher fare, you will be required to pay the difference in price. Remember that we may ask you for the vehicle's technical data sheet in order to check its dimensions. Meanwhile, before the boarding cards are issued you can change the vehicle which you are going to embark, using the Manage Booking section.

You can take a bike free of charge on any of our ships which has a hold, except on the Algeciras-Tangiers route. As for motorbikes, on crossings between Ibiza and Formentera, motorbikes of up to 125 cc travel free of charge. Remember to mention that you wish to board one of these vehicles when you make your booking.

No. All vehicles must be booked together with a passenger. We do not allow driverless vehicles to be booked or embarked.

This can only be done via the Cargo Department at the port of departure.

You will need to process such bookings by phoning 902 160 180 (Calls from outside Spain +34 96 642 87 00).

No. Access to the hold during the crossing is not permitted, and so we recommend that you take with you any personal effects that you will need during the trip. Meanwhile, in accordance with the international safety code no photographs or audiovisual recordings of any kind may be taken inside this zone. Once the ship has arrived at its destination port we will inform you via the on-board public address when you may enter the vehicle hold.