Documentation for EU citizens resident in the Balearic Islands, Ceuta or Melilla

Baleària’s booking system is fully integrated into the Ministerio de Fomento’s telematic residency certification system, SARA, which allows your residency status to be checked automatically. The check will determine whether or nor you qualify for the resident discount applicable to residents of the Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. If the check confirms your status as a resident, you can check in online, only needing to produce your original, valid identity document on embarcation: DNI for Spanish citizens over 14 years of age, national identity document or passport for overseas citizens. 

If the check is unable to confirm your resident status, you must acquire your boarding pass at the ticket office, in accordance with Royal Decree 1/2014, producing an original and valid certificate of residency for travel purposes (Certificado de Residencia para Viajar). The certificate must follow the model given in Annex I of Royal Decree 1316/2001, amended by Royal Decree 1340/2007*.
You will also be required to produce your original, valid identity document: DNI (National Identity Document) for Spanish citizens over 14 years of age, national identity document or passport for overseas citizens.

Children under the age of 14 who do not have a DNI (National Identity Document) are always required to produce the certificate.
Baleària recommends you obtain and carry your residency certificate with you if you have not previously checked your residency status using the telematic system, if you have recently changed your place of residence, or if the telematic system has been unable to confirm your residency on previous occasions.

* You are reminded that you must present one document per ticket. In accordance with guidelines issued by the Dirección General de la Marina Mercante del Ministerio de Fomento (Directorate-General for Merchant Shipping of the Ministry for Development), shipping companies “must store and keep safe copies of supporting documents supplied as proof of residency”. We therefore request your permission to photocopy or scan the original of your document (you can help us to process your application more quickly by supplying us with a copy of the document).