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Travel with your vehicle

Travelling with your vehicle gives you greater independence when you arrive. Booking a place is quite straightforward: you simply need to indicate the make, model, length and height of your vehicle during the booking process.

Types of vehicle

Car Car >2m high

Trailer <6m long Trailer <6m long and >2m high


Offroad Offroad vehicle >2m high

Van <4.5m long and <2m high Van <4.5m long and >2m high Van >4.5m long and <2m high Van >4.5m long and >2m high Vehicles > 7m long (vans and caravans up to 8m long)


People carrier People carrier >2m high



If your vehicle is not included in this table, you should ask the freight  department for your port of departure.

Vans and caravans are limited to 8 m in length.

Vehicle embarkation