Catch Santa!

Find 3 Santa Clauses and win prizes

This Christmas, play with Baleària! Browsing our website means you can win prizes. 

Santa Claus is very crafty and he isn't always willing to bring you your presents, especially if you've been naughty, but... Don't worry! Now it's your turn to go out and find him.

¡We have hidden 3 Santa Clauses on our website. Browse the website by clicking on all the different menu pages and... catch him! When you've caught 3 Santa Clauses, all you need to do is sign up to be entered into a prize draw with lots of prizes on offer. Consult the prize draw terms and conditions here. 

Who said anything about Santa Claus? What you need is Baleària!


List of Prizes

Baleària's Santa Claus is laden down with prizes and if you manage to find 3 Santas hidden on our website you can enter into the prize draw for one of these fantastic prizes. An Echo Plus, an Echo Spot, an Echo, 10 Amazon Gift Cards and 4 Baleària Gift Cards.

Do you know which one is your favourite yet? .... Have a go now!