Peninsula <> Balearic Islands with a 30% discount

By travelling between Alcúdia and Ciutadella

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If you already like to travel between Alcúdia and Ciutadella, now you'll like it even more.

Because if you are a member of Baleària Club and you book a trip between Alcúdia and Ciutadella, you will automatically qualify for a 30% discount on your next trip between any route from the mainland to the Balearic Islands.

It’s that easy! Once you’ve completed your journey between the two islands you can unlock your 30% reward in our website’s Baleària Club section and use the unlocked code on your next booking.

Not a Baleària Club member yet?

Sign up and grab this offer for your next trip. We'll also give you a welcome discount and 100 points to get you started. What are you waiting for?


How do I get my coupon if I am already a member?

1. If you are a member and have Alcúdia to/from Ciutadella as your favourite route, go to step 3.

2. If you are a member and do NOT have Alcúdia to/from Ciutadella as your favourite route, add it in "My profile" in the Travel Preferences section.

3. Share the weblink. Recommend us to a friend and get free points that you will find in "My profile" when your friend joins via this link.

4. You and your friend will find the voucher under "My vouchers" -> "My benefits" which you just have to activate to use it.

5. You will receive an email with the promotional code for your next booking between Alcúdia - Ciutadella with car. Remember that the Baleària fast ferries cover the Alcúdia - Ciutadella route in just over an hour and a half, so in a very short time you can be enjoying these islands at your own pace! What more could you ask for?