Palma - Formentera getaway for just 19€

day return

ic_precio_azul 19 €
ic_pasajeros_on 2+ passengers
ic_arrows_idayvuelta Round trip
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Formentera, here I come! Get away from Mondays to Thursdays to the island of Formentera from 70€ per person for bookings of 2 people or more, with Balearic Islands resident discount from 19€ per person.   If you're a bring-it-all kind of person, you can also book your car for €80 return. Book now and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the most idyllic island in the Spanish Mediterranean.

Discover every nook and cranny with our Baleària Guides, we show you which beaches to visit, sunsets you can't miss and charming places where you'll forget about the hustle and bustle, because in Formentera there's no such thing as rushing.   

The best plans, where to eat and shop to while away the afternoon in Fomentera. 




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