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Fly with our fast ferries between Dénia-Ibiza and Ibiza-Palma in just 2 hours or between Barcelona and Ciutadella in 3 and a half hours

CECILIA PAYNE is the name of the famous Anglo-American astronomer. She was honored for her sensational work on the stars. It was the first woman to teach at the famed Harvard University, becoming a historical reference worthy of our small tribute.

With our desire to always provide the best service, we are always creating new ferries that "shorten" distances to bring people closer.


Speed; but also comfort


Thanks to the 35 knots of the Cecilia Payne we are able to shorten the routes Dénia - Ibiza and Ibiza - Palma in only 2 hours. So we make a better connection between the peninsula and the islands and the islands themselves.

This new concept of high speed is ready with departures every day, satisfying all needs with the following departure times.

From June 16, fly from Barcelona to Ciutadella in just 3 and a half hours.




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