It's our anniversary!

Two years since we first connected the Canary Islands with the peninsula.

Thanks to the Baleària route in collaboration with Fred Olsen Express, connecting the peninsula to the Canaries by ferry, enjoying the island archipelago is so much easier. Two years ago we started offering a service on this route with the aim of bringing you closer to the peninsula in the most sustainable and convenient way possible. The success of this project makes us believe that we are on the right track and encourages us to continue sailing with you for many years to come.

Here we would like to remind you of all the advantages of travelling with Baleària & Fred. Olsen Express. Thank you for placing your trust in us.

Travel to the Canary Islands and take everything you want with you

On board our ferries you can take everything you need. There's no baggage limit! In addition, by loading your car or caravan on board, you will be able to enjoy the islands at your leisure, exploring every nook and cranny and being amazed by these magical islands. Sail in total comfort for the entire journey and enjoy the best entertainment on board thanks to the new concept smart ships, latest-generation ferries that offer you a unique on-board digital entertainment service.



Take your caravan or car, your pet and unlimited luggage

On board our ferries there is room for everything! One of our main advantages is that you can travel with your pets and in your own cabin! Our ferries have unique accommodation, pet-friendly cabins, which allow you to spend the entire journey with your best friend.


Sail in your own cabin and enjoy all the comforts of our ship

Digital entertainment, terraces and diverse gastronomic options are some of what can find on our ship, the Marie Curie. Not only is there a wide range of digital leisure activities on offer and the comfort of travelling in our pet-friendly cabins, you also have the chance to enjoy the sea from one of our many outdoor terraces with spectacular views. And don't miss out on the restaurant zone, bar and boutique.



Desde Huelva a Gran Canaria y Tenerife los martes y los viernes.