Fast Ferry on-board services

On-board Services

The main characteristic of fast ferries is the speed in navigation, normally more than 30 knots, which allows crossings to be made in a shorter period, practically converting the ship into a bridge between two points. Fast ferries have lounge seat accommodation (Tourist and in some cases Superior Class), as well as a bar and audio-visual showings, and some ships also have a shop and special services for families.


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Food and drink on board

The fast ferry bars serve not only drinks but also snacks, pastries and sandwiches.

Plan ahead: You can purchase dining services in advance on the website or at the ticket office up to the time of departure of the ship, to take advantage of a 10% discount.


Film and television schedule

How would you like to see the latest film releases, your favourite series or a selection of the finest TV on the high seas?

Film: For all ages and all interests. Children's films, action, romance… Take your seats: the show is about to begin!

Canal +: Some ships have Canal+ TV, so you can enjoy the very best programmes just like at home.

Sport: Travelling on derby day? Don't want to miss the French Open? If you are a sports fan, just sit back and relax.


Purchases on board

During the crossing you will have time to buy your first souvenir at the store available on most ships. There you will find gift items, drinks, snacks, toiletries, toys, books… Some of them even have newspapers and gourmet produce from the Balearics.

And if you are a Baleària Club member, there is a 10% discount on all your purchases.


Entreolas by Baleària

The Entreolas by Baleària is provided free of charge on all ships. It covers a range of reports on travel, outings, the natural world, sport, culture, art, fashion, music and cuisine, as well as company news.