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People with Reduced Mobility (PRM)

Baleària recommends passengers with reduced mobility (people who have any mobility restriction and cannot travel independently, who have sight or hearing impairment, the elderly, pregnant women...) to indicate this when making their booking and also when checking in, to ensure that they are offered the most appropriate service and informed of the specific services available on the ship carrying them. If the booking is made via the website, this can be indicated on a voluntary basis in the field Special Assistance.

As for embarkation, depending on the ship and route, this may be before or after the other passengers. In the latter case, passengers with reduced mobility and their companions may wait in the passenger lounge until the Baleària personnel inform them that they may embark.

Baleària ships have the following adapted services for people with reduced mobility:

  • Adapted lounge seats (with folding armrests and seatbelt).
  • Adapted toilets in communal areas.
  • Safety anchorage points for wheelchairs.
  • On ships with cabin accommodation, there are specially prepared cabins available.

Adapted access routes to the passenger decks vary depending on the ship

  • Abel Matutes: Lifts between all passenger decks and hold.
  • Bahama Mama: Lifts between all passenger decks and hold.
  • Avemar Dos: Lift between vehicle deck and passenger lounge; stair lift between decks.
  • Dénia Ciutat Creativa: Lifts between all passenger decks and hold.
  • Jaume I, II, III: Access ramp from the vehicle hold to the passenger deck.
  • Martín i Soler:Lifts between all passenger decks and hold.
  • Maverick, Maverick Dos: Direct access to the passenger deck via a ramp.
  • Nápoles: Lifts between all passenger decks and hold.
  • Nissos Chios: Lift as far as the passenger deck.
  • Passió per Formentera: Lifts between all passenger decks and hold.
  • Pinar del Río: Lift and access ramps.
  • Poeta López Anglada: Lifts between all decks.
  • Ramon Llull: Stair lift as far as the seating lounge.
  • SicíliaLifts between all passenger decks and hold.
  • Visemar: Direct access from vehicle deck to passenger deck.