RENFE Discount

Thanks to a collaboration agreement between Baleària - RENFE you can travel on a combined ferry + train ticket and travel easily by sea and by land. Why not take a trip! Don't let anyone stop you!


If you are making a ferry booking with and you are travelling to a destination with a RENFE station, under Additional Services you will find a section where you can choose the Obtain Promotional Code option.


Choose this option if you are planning to catch a train in the following48 hours after having arrived at your destination port. Once you have obtained confirmation of your booking with Baleària and the RENFE promotional code you have 48 hours to redeem the code.



To redeem the code, go to and choose the origin, destination and date of your journey. Remember that you have to book the same number of passengers and the same kind of booking that you have booked with (a one-way or return trip) . Don't forget to introduce your discount code in the Promotional Code field.



After this process you will be shown available fares and timetables in order to choose the option that best suits you. You will then have both your ferry booking with Baleària and your RENFE booking with the best possible conditions.
* The conditions for changes and cancellations are subject to the conditions of each company. 

Please note that if you do not comply with the booking conditions it will no longer be an intermodal journey and you will not be able to benefit from the promotion. If Baleària does not have the calendar open for the code exchange generated in RENFE, the intermodal option will not be valid and therefore the right to receive a future discount will not be available.



Thanks to this collaboration between Baleària and RENFE, you can take up the best offers on RENFE and you will also receive an up to 50% exclusive discount on your Flex fare. If you miss your Baleària - RENFE connection due to the late arrival of a ferry or train, the ticket office will help you find another available departure time that suits your journey and at no extra cost to you.