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Safety on board

Safety equipment

The priority of the captain and crew is passenger safety. For this reason the company's ships not only comply with all inspections required by both the Directorate-General for the Merchant Marine and other official bodies, but are also fitted with additional safety equipment.

In accordance with international safety standards, Baleària personnel will ask for your ID documentation when you board the ship.

Meanwhile, the port authorities oversee passenger and luggage access using scanners and metal detector arches. This inspection may also apply to vehicles being embarked.

Restricted access zones

The application of international safety standards means that access is restricted to certain zones of the ship (such as the hold, which may be accessed only by vehicle drivers, and where photos and video recordings may not be made). 


Meanwhile, all ships are equipped with closed-circuit television with image recording, to ensure complete supervision of the ship and passengers so as to protect against any unlawful acts which may be committed on board. The ship is also at all times able to contact the company's staff on land and the competent authorities with regard to protection issues so as to guarantee a safe crossing.

Smoke-free area

In accordance with national smoking laws, smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the ships. Nor is smoking permitted in the company's premises on land. 


On the fast ferries, as they are high-speed vessels the deck is not accessible during the crossing, although it can be accessed while the ship is anchored in port or when sailing at low speed to manoeuvre in and out of port). On all other ships passengers are free to stroll the deck without restriction.