Social Responsability

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Corporate Social Responsibility

All staff at Baleària is committed to corporate social responsibility. We support sustainable development whilst working towards the creation of added value by responding to the economic, environmental and social needs and desires of our interest groups.

We have a Business Code of Conduct and Ethics that states the company’s formal commitment with trustworthy, responsible and respectful behaviour towards the various target groups. This Code is intended for all those people linked to any company within the Baleària Group. It is based on the company’s activity, views and values and is supported by a committee that safeguards its dissemination and compliance. Annually, as a member of the World Agreement and following the guidelines of the Global. 

Reporting Initiative (GRI), Baleària, as a member ofGlobal Compact of United Nations, drafts a Sustainability Report that reports about the advances made in acquired commitments before the interest groups, as well as society in general. Moreover, we’ve reinforced our commitment to sustainability by agreeing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in our activities.  Thus, the SDGs are our control panel towards the good corporate citizen we wish to become.

A business school has also been established to offer workshops, seminars and vocational and refresher training courses for the professional and personal improvement of employees at Baleària. This same program is offered to new professionals seeking employment with the shipping company.

See Sustainability Report 2016


Fundació Baleària, the shipping company’s social commitment

Fundació Baleària is the institution that carries out the shipping company’s social commitment by engaging in and supporting environmental, social, cultural and sports activities in order to help improve social cohesion, cultural bonding and environmental sustainability in the territories and communities where the company does business.

At Fundació Baleària, we organize our activities into four major areas:

Baleària Charity

Solidarity is one of our core values. We promote initiatives through this program that improve the quality of life of people at risk of social exclusion or from underprivileged regions, working on projects that foster equal opportunities, interculturalism, integration, non-discrimination and diversity. 

Baleària Culture

This program focuses both on collaborating with cultural associations as well as organizing our own activities and managing several venues such as La Casa de la Paraula and Jauja at Baleària Port in Denia and Es Polvorí in Eivissa. 


The environment is another key aspect of the shipping company’s sustainability policy. We drive our environmental commitment with activities that spread awareness and help us preserve nature and fight against climate change. 

Baleària Health

We have a desire to encourage healthy living and sports through collaboration opportunities, agreements and sport sponsorships as well as by organizing activities linked to the world of health and sports.

We have a team of volunteers comprised of more than a hundred people from the company’s different offices who actively and selflessly participate in the various social, cultural and charity activities we organize.

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