Pregnant women, children and babies

About Documentation

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If you are less than 36 weeks pregnant (or 32 in the case of a multiple pregnancy), you are free to travel. However, beyond 28 weeks you must indicate this when booking and, together with your boarding card, present a certificate issued at the most 7 days before the date of travel indicating:

  • Your personal details, weeks and type of pregnancy (single or multiple), and the expected birth date.
  • That you are in perfect condition to travel on the indicated date(s).
  • The validity period of the certificate.
  • The name and medical association number of the doctor, signature and contact details.

If you do not present this documentation, we reserve the right to refuse embarkation, cancelling the ticket and refunding the entire price.

Fares and documentation for children


Babies aged under one year may travel without occupying a seat. No fare is charged (except on the Tanger-Algeciras route), but you must include them and their details when making the booking. Children aged between 1 and 13 receive a discount on the fare.

Bear in mind that we take into account the age of the child on the date of travel, not the age when the booking is made, and that in the event of any doubt we may ask you for some official document (Family Book, ID card, passport…) providing proof of age.

Documentation for children

Prior to boarding, all children over the age of 14 must prove their identity by showing their officially issued ID card or Passport.  

Children travelling alone

Children under the age of 14 and who are travelling within Spain must be accompanied by an adult.  Should the child be less than 5 years old, said adult must be at least 18 year of age; if said child is between 5 and 13 years of age, the accompanying adult must be at least 16 year of age and have his/her own officially issued ID.  Should the accompanying person not be the child’s parent/s or legal guardian, said child must travel with written consent from his/her parent/s or legal guardian, with the accompanying person providing a copy of his/her official ID/passport and the child’s passport. 

On-board services for children

Baby changing facilities are available on all ships. On ferries with a restaurant, high chairs and children's menus are available, while on ships with cabins you may request a travel cot and safety barrier at reception. With regard to leisure facilities, some ships have children's play areas, children's audiovisual entertainment, and in high season monitor-supervised workshops and activities.