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Ferry on-board services

Ferries are characterized by some services that allow the enjoyment of a comfortable crossing. The passengers can be accommodated in cabins or in different lounge seating areas (Tourist or Superior Class), and have a restaurant, bar and shop available to them in most cases. Depending on the ship, they have Internet, outdoor zones, children’s zone or swimming pool. During holiday periods, children’s workshops and musical and magic performances are offered, among other activities.  

Audiovisual content
Onboard shopping
Outdoor area

Onboard gastronomy

The shipping company’s ferries offer different onboard gastronomy options depending on the ship and route.

Á-la-carte restaurants: they offer more personalized customer service with today’s gastronomy trends yet based on tradition and seasonal products. The menu features a fusion of different culinary specialties from all the nationalities represented by our crew (Arabic, Asian, Latin and Caribbean).

Self-service restaurants: they have low-salt menus and special menus for kids, vegetarians and vegans as well as for passengers who are gluten or lactose-intolerant. Plus, they offer halal food for our Muslim customers on all our routes. 

Bars and cafés with a selection of organic products.

Likewise, some ferries offer barbecues during the summer on the terraces where you can also have a wide variety of drinks or snacks at our bars.

Plan early: You may purchase food services ahead at the website or at the ticket office up until the ship departs with a 10% discount.

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Audiovisual content

Ferries offer a wide range of audiovisual content with live TV, all Movistar+ sports programs, films, series and documentaries. On the other hand, some ships offer SmartFun à-la-carte audiovisual content which passengers may enjoy on their mobile devices.

Onboard Internet

You may enjoy a free Wi-Fi connection or pay-per-use satellite Internet depending on the ship. Information is available at the ferry reception desk.

Onboard shopping

The shops on our ships offer a variety of gift items, cosmetics and books, among other products. Some also offer newspapers and magazines and typical gourmet products from the areas where the shipping company operates.

Plus, Club Baleària members receive a 10% discount on all purchases.

Outdoor area

Our ferries allow you to enjoy the trip from the ship’s outdoor areas to take in the views of the Mediterranean Sea. Most of them offer bar services in the summer. And if you’re travelling on the Martín i Soler or Bahama Mama, you can take a swim in the pool.


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