New Pet-Friendly Seats


We keep working to improve the accommodation for your pets! That's why we are introducing the new Pet-Friendly Seats, a new space where you can travel with your pet for the whole trip.


1. Which pets can travel in this new Pet-Friendly Seat accommodation?

Dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, non-poultry birds... Any pet may travel in this new accommodation as long as it weighs no more than 8 kilos, including the carrier. One pet may travel per passenger.

2. Where do pets travel in this new accommodation?

In the new Pet-Friendly Seat accommodation, pets travel in their carrier, which is placed either on the passenger's lap or under the seat. Passengers may bring their own carrier, although there will be some available, located in a specific area of the lounge, subject to availability. In no case may the pet leave the carrier.

3. What should the carrier be like?

The carrier, or bag, suitable for transporting animals must be a maximum of 60cm x 35cm x 35 cm and have a device to contain and remove waste.

4. Can my pet get out of the carrier?

Under no circumstances will pets be allowed to leave their carrier. Depending on the duration of the voyage, there will be a time for a walk in a specific area of the ship. This will always have to be authorised by the ship's crew. When travelling with pets of all kinds, we have to ensure the calmness of our animal friends!

5. On which ships is this new accommodation available?

This new accommodation is available on many of our ferries and fast ferries such as the Eleanor Roosevelt, Abel Matutes, Bahama Mama, Cecilia Payne, Ramon Llull and Jaume III, among others.

If this service does not appear when you make your booking, it may not be available on the vessel designated for your route or there may be no availability.

6. How do I book to travel in this new accommodation?

To travel in this new accommodation, pets must always appear on the passenger's boarding pass. Pets will not be accepted in this accommodation if they do not appear on the ticket.

When you book your ticket to travel by ferry, you will have to search for your route as usual, choosing the origin and destination as well as date of travel. In the drop-down menu for accommodation, choose your seat and in the Additional Services step, add your pet to the Pet-Friendly Seat accommodation.

7. Is there an additional cost for this accommodation?

The new Pet-Friendly Seat accommodation service does have an additional cost that you will have to check according to the route you are travelling on.


Passengers with pets wishing to travel on routes to or from Ceuta and Melilla must be aware that it is essential to comply with the following requirements:

  1. The animal must be microchipped.
  2. It must have a valid rabies vaccination record from within the last 12 months.
  3. It must be in possession of a European Pet Passport.

Animals may only enter through a port authorised as a Point of Entry for Travellers. It is important to note that the port of Motril is not authorised as such, so animals cannot be brought into this port. However, in order to avoid any inconvenience during the Christmas holidays, pet animals will be allowed access through the port of Motril until 10 January 2022.

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