At Baleària we are committed to preserving the planet, and our operations are guided by the Sustainable Development Goals. We are therefore dedicated to the use of clean energy sources, eco-efficient sailing and the implementation of initiatives serving to minimise environmental impact.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG)

We help combat climate change by using natural gas, a decision based on principles of social responsibility and economic profitability. It is one of the most environmentally friendly fossil fuels, reducing CO2 emissions by 30% and NOx by 85%, while eliminating all particles. We are worldwide pioneers in the use of this fuel, and in 2019 were the first shipping line to sail using natural gas on the Mediterranean and in the Canaries.

  • We already have four smart ships which can be powered by natural gas (the Hypatia de Alejandría, Marie Curie, Nápoles and Abel Matutes). 
  • We are building the first fast ferry in the world with engines powered by this clean fuel, and likewise have plans to fit four more ships in our fleet with dual gas engines.

Eco-efficient sailing

We apply technological innovations to our fleet to achieve more eco-efficient sailing, thereby reducing fuel consumption while also minimising pollutant emissions. In 2018 this allowed us to reduce our ratio of tonnes of CO2 emitted per nautical mile sailed by 0.67%.

The initiatives helping achieve this included:

  • The introduction of four eco-fast ferries on the Ibiza-Formentera crossing (with CO2 emissions 36% lower than the previous ships)
  • Engine replacements on a number of high-speed ships to improve propulsion systems, increasing speed and efficiency while reducing fuel consumption and NOx emissions by 20%.
  • Use of cutting-edge anti-fouling treatments and trim control system on most ships.



We reduce environmental impact by applying a preventive clean production strategy (generating less waste rather than recycling), and are working with the Ecoembes organisation to recycle one hundred percent of plastic packaging, cans and cartons on board 9 ships by the end of 2019.

Other initiatives:

  • Switch to biodegradable crockery and cutlery throughout our fleet.
  • Circular economy project to turn waste into furniture.
  • Information about the carbon footprint of Freight clients.
  • Use of thermal paper free of the toxic component Bisphenol A for tickets and receipts.
  • Switch to electric vehicles for port operations, with electric charging points at a number of ferry terminals.

Through the Baleària Foundation we also stage environmental initiatives such as:

  • Expedicionària (environmental education and awareness-raising project intended for secondary school students).
  • Spotting and scientific monitoring of populations of cetaceans and marine animals on board ships in partnership with other organisations, such as the Department of the Environment of the Catalan Regional Government, the BioEduca environmental education centre, IMEDEA and the University of Cadiz.