There's no doubt that a smart phone has become indispensable to enjoying one's vacation. Locating that hidden cove, immortalising the sunset and sharing it on social networks are some of the things we do with our smart phones ... And now, on Baleària's new smart ships, boarding the vessel, opening your cabin and paying for your food with only your mobile phone is now a reality.

Enjoy a smart onboard experience by connecting to WiFi aboard Baleària'sferries and going to

QR cabin access

Ytou'll receive your digital boarding pass sent o your mobile phone via SMS 24 hours prior to your trip. The message will contain a QR code with which, by positioning it close to the door opening system, you can access your cabin without having to open the door with a key. This also allows you to go directly to your cabin without having to cue up in the ferry reception area. Straight to your cabin! On the same boarding pass, you'll find the cabin number that you've been assigned.  

FREE WhatsApp during the journey

Now, during the entire journey even when there isn't any mobile coverage, you can enjoy the free text messaging service via WhatsApp. Talk without limitation!

This service is available for sending text messages not audiovisual content.


Baleària's smart ships have wide connectivity through the vessel's WiFi signal, a network you can access by purchasing vouchers that allow you to stay connected throughout the voyage.  

Cinema and Television

From your mobile devices or thesmart TV in your cabin, you can gain access to movies, series, games and magazines... And if you want to continue watching your favourite series, you can purchase specific vouchers to connect to the Internet. 

Pets aboard!

Baleària'ssmart ships offer a special service for your pets. If you wish, you can travel with them in our new pet-friendly cabins, where you can travel comfortably together. Another option that we offer is to board your pet in our "calm houses" area and monitor their journey from your smart phone through the pet visualisation system.