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Fort Lauderdale, the 'Venice of the Americas'

Fort Lauderdale, the 'Venice of the Americas'

Por Cristina Abel. Photos: Agencies


It is the seventh largest city in the state of Florida, located between Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties. Known as the 'American Venice' for its extensive and intricate canal system, which makes it unique, Fort Lauderdale has become one of the most striking tourist centers in the United States.

From its port, Port Everglades, the main cruise terminal where the Baleària Caribbean routes to the Bahamas are also located, its more than 10 million annual visitors can enjoy a wide range of cultural, natural, sports, gastronomic, leisure and adventure activities in this hidden paradise of Florida.


1: Canal boat tour

Fort Lauderdale is famous for its intricate network of interconnected canals that run through and around the city. One of the most enchanting activities you can enjoy is a boat tour, which gives you a unique perspective of the luxurious architecture and surrounding nature. As the boat travels through the canals, visitors will find themselves surrounded by stunning homes and mansions, belonging to celebrities and influential figures in many cases, with beautiful gardens lining the waterways. It's not just about the architecture. During the walk, you will also be able to appreciate the natural beauty surrounding the canals.


2: Beach and water sports

Another must-do is to visit its beautiful beaches, which invite relaxation, but also offer a wide range of water sports, such as snorkeling, diving, paddleboarding or jet skiing. The jewel in the crown is the famous Fort Lauderdale Beach, a golden strip of sand that stretches for several kilometers. Its crystal-clear waters are a paradise for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. Visitors will find nearby reefs where they can explore the fascinating underwater world, including tropical fish and colorful corals.


Fort Lauderdale's beach stretches for miles and miles


3: Las Olas Boulevard: a walk of elegance

Las Olas Boulevard is much more than a street: it is a destination in itself. With its unique mix of high-end stores, art galleries, restaurants and charming bars, this area is the cultural and gastronomic heart of the city. A stroll down this emblematic street immerses visitors in a vibrant and sophisticated atmosphere, combining elegance, creativity and culinary delights. It is also a shopper's paradise. From exclusive fashion boutiques to decoration stores and unique jewelry stores, tourists will find a variety of options to satisfy their tastes and desires. If you are an art lover, the galleries will provide you with an exceptional opportunity to admire works by renowned and local artists.


4: Bonnet House Museum and Gardens

A former artists' residence, Bonnet House has become a museum thanks to its stunning architecture, fascinating collections and wonderful gardens. The Bonnet House is a historic gem dating back to the 1920s. This estate of artist Frederic Clay Bartlett and his wife Helen was designed as a creative space amidst the lush Florida wilderness. The couple transformed the residence into an artistic and cultural oasis that reflects their passion for art and community living.

This former mansion, which combines colonial, Mediterranean and Caribbean elements, offers a unique experience by bringing together the history of the region, art and the beauty of its gardens. It treasures an eclectic collection of art and objects that tell the story of the region and the Bartlett's life. From paintings and sculptures to decorative objects, every corner of the museum reveals a part of the family's history and artistic legacy. In addition to the permanent collections, the Bonnet House also features temporary exhibitions that explore cultural and artistic themes. 

Bonnet House


5: Everglades Safari by airboat

Since Fort Lauderdale is very close to the Everglades, another must-do activity is an airboat tour through the swamps to observe unique wildlife. One of the most exciting attractions are the American alligators. Nature and animal lovers will be able to observe these prehistoric reptiles in their natural environment. This natural paradise is also a haven for a wide variety of exotic and native birds, from herons and ospreys to the majestic bald eagle.


The Everglades, which can be visited by hydrofoil, is the habitat of crocodiles


6: Explore Riverwalk, the heart of the city

With its combination of parks, charming stores and cozy restaurants, the Riverwalk offers a unique experience, the Riverwalk provides a unique experience that encapsulates local life, scenic beauty and community in one place. Along the Riverwalk, visitors encounter an eclectic mix of stores, boutiques and restaurants, reflecting the diversity of the local scene. It also hosts events and activities throughout the year. From concerts and festivals to farmers' markets and outdoor movie screenings.


Riverwalk concentrates the main offer of stores and restaurants


7: Museum of Art: a feast for the senses

This destination is a must for those looking to immerse themselves in a variety of masterpieces. One of the hallmarks of this art center is its commitment to local artists. In addition to presenting works by renowned international creators, the museum also provides a platform for emerging and established talent in the region. The museum is also dedicated to education and community involvement. It offers a variety of educational programs and creative workshops that allow visitors to explore art from an interactive, hands-on perspective.


8: Ecstasy of beauty at the Butterfly World botanical garden

As the world's largest butterfly habitat, Butterfly World enables the curious visitor a different sensory and visual experience, allowing them to connect with nature. This place is home to hundreds of species. Visitors have the opportunity to observe butterflies with stunning color patterns, transparent wings and unique shapes. 

Every corner of the garden is a reminder of the amazing scope of biodiversity in the world of lepidoptera.

9: Museum of Discovery and Science

From exciting exhibits to live demonstrations and hands-on activities, this museum offers an immersive experience that makes it possible to appreciate science and innovation in a participatory way. Every corner of this space invites you to touch, explore and learn in a hands-on way. It also has a planetarium, whose projections allow an immersion in a celestial journey, exploring distant galaxies and discovering the mysteries of the cosmos.


10: Getaway to Grand Bahama: a gateway to paradise

Baleària Caribbean (the shipping group's subsidiary in that area) also offers the opportunity to discover this paradisiacal corner of the Caribbean, a destination accessible only a few hours from Miami. Bimini, known as the Island of Inspiration, and Freeport (Grand Bahama) are two jewels of the archipelago, dream places where water sports lovers can enjoy its crystal-clear waters, delight in its colorful depths full of coral reefs and tropical fish, and even swim and snorkel with dolphins, sharks and turtles.


Bimini (Bahamas)

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