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Margarita Salas

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Margarita Salas
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Ship in honor of Margarita Salas, a leading biochemist in the field of science in Spain, who introduced a new and innovative area of research: molecular biology.

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Services and facilities for the Margarita Salas

Discover everything this fast ferry has to offer

Smart ship

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Margarita Salas 2/2 EN

The best facilities and services for your journey

The Margarita Salas has three leisure spaces where you can relax while enjoying the on-board gastronomic offer. A spacious cafeteria, a natural juice area, and an outdoor food truck where you can enjoy the views offered by the sea.

Main cafeteria

Ample cafeteria and shop space where you can relax and enjoy the journey while having a snack, sweet or savory.

Terrace with a sea view and food truck

Outdoor space to enjoy the breeze and the sea view. Our food truck will supply you with food and drinks.

Zona de juego para niños/as

The little ones have a space exclusively dedicated to them, with educational and fun games.

Margarita Salas 2/2 EN

VIP area

The Margarita Salas has a spacious and differentiated VIP area that offers more comfortable seats and an exclusively accessible cafeteria, as well as special attention.


Sustainability of the Margarita Salas

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CO2 emissions


NOx emissions


Sulfur and particle emissions

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