At Baleària we are just a few months away from expanding our fleet with the incorporation of a pioneering fast ferry that began construction just under two years ago. The Eleanor Roosevelt is the world's first fast ferry with natural gas engines that incorporates smart ship technology for onboard services and uses big data to monitor its efficiency and emissions in real time.

This ship incorporates numerous innovations, including improvements in interior design, where priority has been given to spaciousness and the separation between seats, and comfort on board, incorporating a state-of-the-art stabilisation system, which will considerably reduce movement. Vibrations and noise will also be minimised thanks to an elastically floating superstructure and the installation of high-tech insulation.

The ship will also have an escalator and a lift to the upper deck, unprecedented features in a ship of this type.

'Timelapse' launch of the 'Eleanor Roosevelt'


Don't miss this timelapse video of the launch of the Eleanor Roosevelt, the first fast ferry in the world with dual liquefied natural gas engines, built at the Armón shipyard in Gijón.


The 'Eleanor Roosevelt' in numbers


The longest in the world

This fast ferry measures 123 metres in length and is 28 metres wide, making it the longest in the world in its category.


Large capacity

Capacity for 1,200 passengers and space for 500 linear metres of trucks and 250 cars, or alternatively 450 cars, on the car deck.


Maximum speed

It can make 35 knots (with a maximum speed of over 40). The LNG tanks give it a range of 400 nautical miles when sailing with gas.