We would like to introduce the new smart ship service to you!

The smart ship service is already a reality on the new ship from Baleària, the Hypatia de Alejandría. It is the shipping company's first smart ship to offer the latest in connectivity and leisure - a new system completing your on-board experience.

Welcome to the smart ship concept, the new digital system for connectivity and PASSENGER/FERRY integration by Baleària.

Who said you can't have everything?

The new Hypatia de Alejandría ferry is a state-of-the-art ship with smart services. It offers leisure and entertainment you have never experienced before.

The new ferry has its own platform offering all kinds of entertainment on board, such as cinema and television, games and reading.

Access to the cabin with the smartphone

When you receive your boarding pass by SMS, it shows a QR code that allows you access to your cabin without a key. 



The Hypatia de Alejandría ferry enjoys great connectivity thanks to the Wifi connection - a network through which you can buy vouchers to be connected throughout the trip. 

Cinema and television

Enjoy your travel experience with Baleària to the fullest and travel with TV, movies and series à la carte with the help of your smartphone - comfortably from your armchair or cabin.


If you think all this is cool, wait for the new system of the new smart ship by Baleària: via the pets menu, you can comfortably watch from your armchair what your pet is doing in the room intended for animals. All pets´compartments are equipped with a camera that you can access from your smartphone so that you are always close to your best friend.


The new smart ship platform of the Hypatia de Alejandría offers a large number of online games so you can get game by game closer to your destination.


Books, magazines, ... if your thing is the letter, in the Readings section of the internal menu of the smart ship system of the Hypatia of Alexandria you will find a wide catalogue where you will surely find what you are looking for! 


Discover also Eatsy on board, the fast and convenient system that allows you eating and drinking on board without queuing. Simply order at one of the totems in the bar and pick up your order as soon as it is ready and we will notify you. It's that simple!


In addition to the most innovative services, Baleària is committed with sustainability and respect for the environment. Therefore, the ferries are equipped with the smart ship system with LNG (liquefied petroleum gas) engines; you can learn more about this fuel in the Baleària blog (Spanish text).

Come on Board of the ferry of the future!

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