Pet-friendly cabins: you can now travel with your pet

We want to introduce you to our new Baleària service, pet-friendly cabins. You can now take your journey together with your furry best friend, your pet. We have launched a new type of accommodation, a cabin where pets can travel with their owners. 

When you make your booking, select cabin accommodation and in the additional services section choose travelling with a pet. This is the moment when you can choose a pet-friendly cabin! This will make your journey so much more special, unique and pleasant for your whole family. 


Our pet-friendly cabins

These cabins are currently only available on the Hypatia de Alejandría ferry for the Valencia - Mallorca route and the Marie Curie ferry for the Almeria - Melilla route. Both ferries are new, modern additions to the Baleària fleet and are equipped with smart ship technology which lets you enjoy top onboard entertainment and stay connected during the whole journey.

Our pet-friendly cabins have room for up to two animals, with a total weight of 30 kg (or one pet if it weighs 30 kg). Dogs need to wear a muzzle and be on a lead. Take a look at the special considerations for passengers with pets.

Cabins designed to accommodate pets are located close to the entrance to the inner part of the ferry and near the covered exits so you can take your pet for a walk. These cabins have a special non-carpeted floor for hygiene reasons and we have a specific anti-odour and anti-bacterial cleaning protocol. 


There are a limited number of pet-friendly cabins so if you know you will be travelling with your pet you should make your booking as soon as possible. If there are no pet-friendly cabins available for the dates you have chosen, your pet can always travel in our special pet zones, which have different sized cages as well as spaces where you can secure your pet carrier. Find all the necessary information on travelling with pets here. 

Discover our new service and find out how you can travel by ferry with your pet on Baleária ferries. 




Special considerations to take into account when travelling with a pet: 

- When boarding and disembarking the ferry, pets that could be a danger to other passengers should be on a lead and wearing a muzzle.
- The passenger is responsible for the animal. 
- The animal owner is liable for any damage caused to the ferry, people or property.
- The passenger shall take personal care of their dog and must remove all excrement.