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Space booking

  • They are usually carried out through the Delegation of the port of origin.
  • Written proof of the same is required, by e-mail or fax, with a minimum of 24 hours in advance.
  • It is recommended that in high season (from May to August) they be done 72 hours in advance.
  • On the Ibiza-Formentera line, the minimum request time is 48 hours.
  • The booking team will send you an answer with your locator number or alternative upon your request.

Upon request, we can send you a pro-forma invoice (Consult the e-mail - faxes of the Cargo Department in the branches).


Shipment - documentation

To complete the shipping paperwork and collect boarding passes, the driver is required to be present at our facilities (see map of our facilities at each port) as a minimum with:

  • One hour and a half before the official time of departure of the ship.
  • On the Ibiza - Formentera line you must arrive 3 hours in advance.

The plate number and the details of the vehicle to be loaded must coincide with that shown on the shipping documents. The customer will have to contribute technical card of the vehicle upon request.

The Personal Identity Card or passport will be requested from the driver and/or operator authorized by the company in order to identify him/her and issue the boarding card.

Boarding passes for both outward and return journeys are personal and non-transferable. Accompanying persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to board.

Download the Shipper's Guide


Download loading conditions


Refrigeration and handling equipment

Refrigeration equipment must arrive one and a half hours before the official time of departure of the ship, to ensure connection and boarding.

It is essential that the connection cable is provided, and that the equipment is in conditions to be connected.

Vehicles requiring handling, engagement or disengagement should be positioned at the predetermined locations for operation; consult the time and location at the port of origin.

The instructions of both the operations personnel and the vessel must be followed to ensure the embarkation of their vehicles.

If you do not follow these instructions, we cannot guarantee the shipment of your vehicles. Likewise, if you have not completed the formalities of disembarkation or show up at the quay, half an hour before the official departure of the vessel, if you have not completed the disembarkation or show up at the quay formalities, Baleària may use the space of your vehicle on the vessel otherwise.

We ask the transporters to be present at the arrival of the ship, in order to REMOVE and BOARD their vehicles, even if they do not travel on the ship.

Access to ships and terminals or areas of operations

Access to Vessels, Terminals, and pre-embarkation, embarkation and disembarkation areas is restricted to persons previously identified in their access controls.

The Port Authority, State Security Forces and Baleària staff can request your identification in these areas.

The personnel acceding them must carry company identification or have a boarding pass.

At all times they will wear their highly visible PPE (Safety Protective Equipment).

They must circulate or access the areas delimited and enabled for this purpose, avoiding staying in the areas of operations.

Special embarkation - Customs clearance

Consult special conditions for the transport of live animals or ADR goods. In case your shipment requires customs clearance, prior to shipment, it is necessary to arrange clearance through a Customs Broker.

The documents must be contributed to us with, at least 24 h of anticipation for its notification and documentation before the authorities and the correct lifting of its merchandise.