VIP Cabins: Very Important Pet

Because we know that saying it isn't the same thing as experiencing it, our Very Important Pet, Lana, explains what her trip in one of Baleària'spet friendly cabinswas like.Learn about her experience.
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Tips for travelling with a pet

Do you have a trip coming up?Do you plan on travelling with your pet?On the Baleària blog page, we offer you some tips to make sure that travelling with your pet is a perfect experience for the whole family. Grab some paper and a pen. It's time to do your homework!

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Additional information for travelling with your pet

Boarding and Disembarking

¿Cómo subir tu mascota a bordo? Normativa ​​​​​​​

Necessary documents

¿Qué documentos necesita tu mascota para viajar?

Other accommodations

¿Cuáles son las acomodaciones para mascota disponibles? ​​​​​​​

Does your pet have to wear a muzzle?Take note!

Have your pet smell the muzzle

Bring the muzzle close to your pet and have him smell it. Then quickly give him a treat.

Place the muzzle on your pet's snout.

Guide your pet so that he gently inserts his snout in the muzzle.

Make it a ritual!

Put the leash on and loosen the muzzle, gradually increasing the time your pet has it on.

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