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We know how important your pets are to you, that's why travelling with pets on board with Baleària ferries is very easy. We have various types of accommodation for your furry friends as well as specific on-board services to make their journey as comfortable as yours.


Where do pets travel on board?

On board Baleària's ferriesand fast ferries, your pets can travel safely in pet-friendly calm kennels, carriers, or with you in comfortable pet friendly cabins where the whole family can enjoy a great crossing together.

The calm kennels are in ventilated pet areas that are specially equipped for transporting them, with special cleaning services. They will be able to travel in these spacious and safe spaces throughout the journey. Depending on the ship, you can visit them during the crossing and/or follow their journey via your mobile device thanks to the cameras that allow you to keep an eye on them at all times. 

Depending on the ship, we also have special pet lounges equipped with carriers where you can travel with your pet.

In addition, Baleària has a large number of ferries with pet-friendly cabins, specially equipped for transporting your pet, and where you can stay calmly throughout your journey.


Passengers with pets wishing to travel on routes to or from Ceuta and Melilla must be aware that it is essential to comply with the following requirements:

  1. The animal must be microchipped.
  2. It must have a valid rabies vaccination record from within the last 12 months.
  3. It must be in possession of a European Pet Passport.

Animals may only enter through a port authorised as a Point of Entry for Travellers.. It is important to note that the port of Motril is not authorised as such, so animals cannot be brought into this port

Best Pet-Friendly Company 2022

At Baleària we work hard to offer the best on-board experience for your pets and this year, TravelGuau, the most comprehensive pet-friendly travel guide, has recognised our work by awarding us the 2022 Best Pet-Friendly Company award. Thank you very much TravelGuau and to all of you for entrusting Baleària with your family trips by sea.

'Pet-friendly' seats

Do you want to take your pet with you on your trip? Thanks to our Pet-Friendly seating, your pets can travel with you in their carrier.

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'Pet-friendly' cabins

Did you know that you can travel with your pet in one of our Pet-Friendly cabins? Travelling safely and with the whole family is easy. Book yours starting at just 30€!

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Tips for travelling with a pet

Do you have a trip coming up? Are you planning on travelling with your pet? On the Baleària blog page, we offer you some tips to make sure that travelling with your pet is a perfect experience for the whole family. Grab a pen and paper. It's time to do your homework!

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Additional information for travelling with your pet


Boarding and Disembarking

How do I get my pet on board? Regulations

Necessary documents

What documents does my pet need to travel?

Other accommodation

Which accommodation types are available for pets?

They travel with Baleària, too