Barcelona - Alcúdia getaway

Relax for a few days in the Mediterranean with Baleària

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The summer holidays have arrived and so has the desire to enjoy the beach, the sun and good food, What better place to enjoy life than in Mallorca? Take the Barcelona - Mallorca  trip by Super fast ferry in seated accommodation from only €47.50 per person per journey. If you also need to travel with your vehicle, this will not be a problem with Baleària.  Travel with your car from only €114 per person and vehicle. 


Traveling with pets

Lots of people decide to travel with their pets when they go on holiday. If you travel on the Barcelona - Mallorca route there are lots of benefits for your furry friend.


You can board the ferry with no inconvenience to your pet. We have areas with cages designed for holding pets. Furthermore, if you travel on the Hypatia de Alejandría ferry you can keep an eye on your pet during the whole journey thanks to our smart ship services. The Hypatia de Alejandría has webcams installed in its cages enabling owners to check on their pets at all times using their mobile phones. Digital monitoring is always accompanied by direct contact between pets and owners. Learn more about the Baleària smart ship services here.

If you're still not a member of Club Baleària, join and benefit from our sea of opportunities before, during and after your trip.