Baleària is the leading shipping company for passenger and cargo transport, with connections to the Balearic Islands, and also linking Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands to the mainland. At the international level, the company offers services in Morocco, Algeria and the Caribbean.

Daily connections

Daily departures between the Spanish mainland and the Balearic Islands, as well as between the islands. Other routes have several weekly connections.

Arrival first thing in the morning

Disembarking first thing in the morning allows you to make a round trip on the same day.

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Faster operations

Reduced stopover times for more efficient operations.

Door-to-door service

Customised goods transport according to each customer's needs.

We know that every shipment is different, so ask for a personalised quote and we will adapt to your needs



The digitisation of the entire goods transport cycle enables port operations to be streamlined and helps customers to plan better.

Online booking management

More autonomous website and better logistics planning thanks to real-time information on the status of your goods.

Digital boarding

Digital devices give operation managers on the quay real-time information on the progress of the shipment, and drivers board without having to go through the ticket office.

Our guiding philosophy is based on the following values that guarantee the best possible service



Eco-efficient sailing based on the use of more sustainable fuels, like natural gas, which reduces our carbon footprint.


We are committed to our customers as we have an extensive modern fleet, and the ability to adapt to the circumstances in a flexible way.



Greater autonomy for our customers when managing their bookings, streamlined port operations, and improved logistics planning .



Schedules and frequencies adapted to the needs of our customers, who are assured of excellent punctuality for departures and arrivals.