Ferry between Nador and Sète



Nador - Sète Route Information

You can now travel by ferry between Nador (Morocco) and Sète (France), a route that connects the two countries and allows you to board with your own car . You can also travel with peace of mind knowing you're on board a certified safe space.


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Now purchasing your France - Morocco ferry ticket on the Sète - Nador route can be very rewarding. Save up to 28% by booking your full-board ticket in advance through our additional web page services or 24% on your half-board ticket. On the Nador - Sète route you can travel with your car at a price starting at 146€ for the trip or from 281€ if you decide to travel with a van. For 26€ more, you can also enjoy half board on your trip or full board for 39€. Price only available for online purchase!

In addition, you'll find a wide array of services adapted to your needs including a prayer room and Halal menu prepared by Moroccan chefs.

This voyage is made on board the Regina Báltica ferry, a vessel with a Moroccan crew, to ensure your trip is completely adapted to your needs. Learn more about the ferry and its services here.

Average travel time 39h
Port of departure Port de Nador. Beni Ensar, Morocco
Port of arrival Port of Sète, Rez-de-chaussée de la gare maritime Orsetti, 34200. Sète (Sud de France)
Distance 1080 km / 583.19 mi




Find out what you need to board the Sète (France) - Nador (Morocco) route.






Learn about the Regina Báltica , a special vessel with all kinds of onboard services for you.