Travel on the ferry from Almeria to Nador!

Boarding the ferry from Almeria to Nador is the most comfortable way to reach Eastern Morocco. The Duba Bridge ship has lounge seating and cabins, as well as services such as the restaurant, cafeteria and outdoor bar where you can enjoy the trip as you admire the views of the Mediterranean. Buying your ticket for the ship to Morocco will enable you to reach Nador with your own car on board and all your luggage inside it.

Nador is an ideal destination for relaxing on the beach or to get your adrenaline pumping through one of the water sports you can take part in there. However, to see its natural beauty for yourself, a route through the surrounding areas by car is a must. For example, close to the city you’ll find Mount Gurugu which offers spectacular views of Nador from its peak.

On the clearest days, it’s possible to make out the Sierra Nevada mountains or the Chafarinas Islands from Cape Three Forks to the north of Nador, though to see the best panoramic views of the Spanish archipelago, it’s best to head to Cabo de Agua. While there, take advantage to taste some of the area’s best seafood.

Taking the ferry from Almeria to Nador is also a good opportunity to explore some of the main souks in this Moroccan city. In Souk Morakeb you will find technological products such as computers and televisions, as well as high-quality clothing, while in the Kasaria Souk you can find handcrafted products or products made from gold.

See all the timetables for your ferry from Almeria to Nador at the following link and book your ticket to Morocco. Get ready for a one-of-a-kind trip with Baleària!