New Rusadir



We present to you the new ship from Baleària, Rusadir, a state-of-the-art ferry with electric propulsion and dual gas engines, capable of sailing at 22 knots of speed.

This ship has a capacity for 1,670 passengers and 2,600 linear meters of cargo.

The new ferry Rusadir is equipped with over 260 highly comfortable cabins and common areas such as a lobby bar, cafeterias, restaurant, children's area, and a designated prayer area.

Like the rest of Baleària's ships, the Rusadir has specific accommodation for pets, such as pet-friendly cabins and seats.

The Rusadir in data


meters in length

The Rusadir measures 187 meters in length, 31 meters in beam, and has a draft of 6 meters.

capacity cars

It can carry up to 547 cars, distributed on two decks and a total of 2,600 linear meters.



It has more than 260 fully equipped cabins and lounge areas.


Explore its Spaces

Cabins, lobby spaces, children's area, terraces, and prayer area, get to know the modern and fully equipped spaces of the Rusadir. Click on the image to view the complete gallery of each area.


Why Rusadir?

Rusadir is the name the Phoenicians gave to the place where they settled in the 8th century B.C. and which, millennia later, would become the city of Melilla. The word rusadir in Punic translates as imposing headland and we can't think of a better description for the location of Melilla.

In order to pay tribute to this fantastic territory and its people, and considering that the ship will operate in the area of Melilla, Baleària has named its new vessel Rusadir.


Introducing the new Rusadir ferry
The new Rusadir, is a next genaration ferry with capacity for more than 1000 passengers, has restaurants, a children's and prayer area, terrace, lobby bar and much more.