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Ramon Llull

Fast Ferry

Ramón Llull
Pet friendly
Smart ship
Adapted for PMR

Ramon Llull, a tribute to the Mallorcan writer Ramon Llull.

Ramon Llull 2/2 - EN


Ramón Llull

Fast ferry

Smart ship

Tribute to the Majorcan writer Ramon Llull

He is credited with the invention of the compass rose and the nocturnal.

The fast ferry Ramon Llull, built in 2003

In 2019, it was repowered, replacing its four main engines with others that improved its propulsion system, thereby increasing efficiency and speed while reducing fuel consumption and NOX emissions by 20%.

Ramon Llull 2/2 - EN

Specific Accommodations

This fast ferry has accommodations with differentiated lounges, Sirena, Neptuno seats, a cafeteria...

VIP Seat

VIP lounge with reclining seats with headrests, electrical outlets, headphone jacks, and access to the terrace.

Calm Houses

A designated space for pets so that your animal feels secure at all times.

Ramon Llull 2/2 - EN


The ship has an outdoor terrace with a cafeteria that is available during the high season and is exclusively for VIP lounge use.